Gta iv and Saints Row the Third problem?

I just bought gta iv (steam summer sale) and downloaded it but the game has big problems I keep hearing its a bad port but I feel like it should be running at 60 fps maxed out with my rig. it began with not letting me play at 1920x1080p then I researched it and found a solution all I had to do was make a text document named commandline and write -availablevidmem 2.0 in it and that fixed that problem but I was getting bad frames like 30ish without it even being maxed out so I did more research and found I had to do was go to properties for gta iv via steam and go to the launch property and put this in it -nomemrestrict -norestrictions -percentvidmem 100 -availablemem 3.0. That made me get about 55fps with dips of 33-48fps which is playable but VERY annoying and the game is still not maxed out (high instead of very high and fov around 30-50) 

My Main question is there a way to max this game out and keep a constant 55-60fps? I feel like its possible since I have a high grade system any help is wanted. Please guide me through what I need to do to fix the problem.


I get fine fps on saints row the third, around 40ish but I feel like I should be able to max this game out and keep 60fps with very low dips. I am wondering if there are certain setting I need to turn down to keep 60ish fps I have heard that amd 7000 series cards dont run saints row the third very well but I am hoping there is a solution to the problem, any help is welcome.

My computer- 

Cpu- FX 8350
Gpu- Sapphire 7950 vapor x
Ram- Corsair vengence (blue) 8gb (2x4gb)


I am open to mods or anything that can help me accomplish 60 fps with the game maxed but I want the to be original as possible (graphics guns etc) 

grab the latest drivers online

Amd drivers for my videocard?

yes and try setting your power profile to performance in windows, the drivers on the disk are so old that they came out before the card was sold lol

All of my drivers are up to date I check everyday for new drivers (steam & Amd) and my power mode is set to performance. I find it odd my computer cant run this game right....

There really isn't much you can do.  You modify some files which you already did but besides that just have to be happy with how it is.  The game was a horrible port and Rockstart didn't do a dang thing to fix it.  

The game runs above 30fps and never dips below 30 so I suppose thats fine its just upsetting rockstar let pc players down like that, Max payne 3 runs great hopefully they are starting to make games better on pc like they should be.

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This game is a bad port like GTA IV. Volution couldn't care less about the pc side of saints row series. I have both sr2 and 3 and they both run bad. Sr2 can only get 60fps on low but even when im in a car it drops every 10 seconds to 0 fps. This is with a 7870. But my brother even with a gtx660 can only run Sr3 on high cause when he hops in a car it drops to 40 fps.

Thank you gigabusterEXE for doing that for me I appreciate that. It seems that saints row the third and Gta iv are just bad ports. 

well my friend with his HD 4000/3570K was playing GTA IV (yeah I know) and his draw distances sucked and it wouldn't register more than 128MB of ram even though it could share more, so he had to manually edit a .ini file and it made the game look better without a drop in FPS, so maybe there are some more options or files you haven't changed yet

I looked around in some other forums and i heard you could change some distance settings but this would limit you weapon distance to 1 city block. The sniper could got to 4-5 blocks but it dosen't really matter you don't shoot that far really. Well at least i dont.

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