GTA 5, Whats your prefered console

First of all, Yes I know PC's rip consoles to shreds but as GTA 5 has no current PC release this is only looking at the two consoles


So people tell me What console are you getting gta for?

Also what is the first thing you are looking to do in the game once you get it?

I'm gonna wait for the Nvidia rumors about gta 5 to play out and if they aren't true I'll pick it up for 360.  I am picking 360 because I already own one.

I won't be buying a new console, not this generation anyways. I'm good with my PC.

Pre-ordered on PS3

I will wait for a pc version and if that never comes ill skip the game. I haven't really cared too much for any gta since 3.

We preordered it for the PS3 but I'll also get it for the PC. If it comes out that is.

I won't be buying a console to play gta. rockstar sucks, they really isolated themselves from a lot of pc gamers and gta lovers