GTA 5 PC Specs

I noticed GTA 5 released the specs to run the game and I'm wondering if my rig can max it out. heres my specs.

AMD FX 8350

Asus GTX 660 (2gb) 

16 Gigabytes of PNY 1600 Ram

1TB Samsung Hard Drive

120GB Kingston SSD

The specs haven't been released yet.

Processor and ram are great. But your GPU may have trouble running it. Probably have to play it on low settings. 

You have a very high chance of maxing out GTA V!! cpu is not an issue at all.  Here is a video that gives the recommended settings.  you should have no problems.

We won't know until the game officially releases to see if it's a good port or buggy. Still don't get why companies put out crazy specs and the game is still broken even though you match those specs. 

those aren't real specs.

Even if it's a perfect port it's going to be the most demanding game out, what you need to run it on max at over 60fps constant isn't out yet, it happened with Far Cry 3