GTA 5 Mod Angry Planes Has Malware in it

wow.... this is going to be bad... do we half to scan our mods for malware now?

I was actually going to download that mod, but it wasn't something exactly I was looking for.

I have the file, but I didn't run it. I hope my brother hasn't run it either.

I can't believe we can't even trust mods now.

I actually inspected the code and saw it, Its kind of sloppy.

here is a writeup on what it contained...

Putting malware in your mod? That's cold bro.

Was thinking about downloading it; Now not so much.

It also seems the NoClip mod also contains a virus

Did skyrim have this issue?

Not that I heard of, but I could easily be wrong. I had over 100 mods installed that I got from the Nexus back in the day and never had any issues.

I wonder if there can be some kind of system that can be implemented to detect malicious scripts.

It has to do with a twitch user being DDoSed by the zombie PCs. I swear internet drama is so fricken dumb.

I don't understand what you mean by now. Correct me if I'm wrong but I recall hearing something about mods with maleware even way back in the 90's even. We should be cautious with every software we download, especially if they work like the gtaV mods do.

Ditto, but I think some PC players might be new/ forgot. Since they are used to stuff like Nexus mods for skyrim and what not in the modern age.