Gta 5 bugs

im trying to resolve the issue with gta 5 online randomly freezing both my computer and my laptop. ive tried going into steam and clicking the "verify integrity of game cache" which rockstar suggested, it did nothing. the game has crashed both my desktop and laptop.

Is it this error?

This one occurs for me after playing a few missions, every time I play missions. Single Player never has an issue for me.

Does this occur in the same way or is it causing trouble in SP as well?

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it happens in single player aswell, i would get into the game run out of my house and freeze. I used to have hacks installed but have scince deleted and re downloaded the game

Bump, I also am getting this. The exact same thing @Nate1994's getting.
Any fixes? I've got a 390. Tried putting it back to stock and launching it without the steam overlay.

Always check here first. If you have a fix for a problem not listed add it so future people might get some help too.

I am surprised that nobody knows about this.

It worked, but now I'm in DX10. Doesn't look as nice. Womp womp womp womp

Yeah it is community based being a wiki. There probably is a better work around. If you find it you should add it. Not always a winner but always a good place to start.