gt610 vs hd6450   (1gb ram)                 vs          (2gb ram)      I am bying a new graphics card for my pc but I dont know which one is beter. is there much difference between thease cards? NOT FOR GAMING

What is the purpose of the card? Have you got an onboard gpu allready?

yep I have integred card and full hd videos are lagggggggging and gpu must be cheap as possiple and maeby it could run half life2,the elder scrolls iv oblivion and gta san andreas and other light games like that :) those cards cost abouth 36€ = 48$ = 31£ in my country

Where exactly are you located ? And what integrated card have you got at the moment?(if you don't know, give the processor and mobo). Those cards should work in theory, but I doubt you would like the experience... I would wait a bit untill i had some more money and go just a tad higher. Or you could try to find a second hand, previous gen card. Could you reply with your complete specs? That way we can get a better view of the situation.

Go with the 6450 all the way man, those 610's are just rebadged 520's which were rubbish cards.

if you have intel 4000 then its faster than both



would help if we had specs

cpu is intel pentium dual core E2180 @2.0ghz and i have 4gb of ram and the integred card is nvidia geforce 7100/nvidia nforce 610i.  

4gb of ram, cpu is intel pentuim dual core E2180 @2.0ghz,psu is some think  like 200-300w

from finland, nvidia gf7100 

That processor is doable, but indeed that graphics card... I'm not very up to date with shops in finland, so can't help you out there. I think you should try to find a decent 2nd hand one, these cards might get the job done for now, but I think it'll be a waste of money. As for the 6450, I'm pretty sure those are also rebrands of 5xxx series.

thanks for help :) and i notice the same think 6450 is almost same as 5450 just a few litle thinks are differend if you wach sapphires productions

Yeah, these are rebrands...