Gskills 2133

I just recently purchased g skills 2133 pretty cheap and what i would like to is set the timings to 1866 or 2000 timings . Any tips and tricks i can use to ensure stable operation of this ram at lower timings.

  • DDR3 2133 (PC3 17000)
  • Timing 10-12-12-31
  • Cas Latency 10
  • Voltage 1.6V

The timings should be lowered through the CAS latency, and all of the secondary and tertiary timings, not the frequency.

I'd try running 9-9-9-24, standard secondary and tertiary timings, with the same voltage, at 1600m
Hz, and work your way up to 2133mHz.

 So basically keep the same voltage, and use the stock timings for the different frequencies. and test stability along the way.


No, you have it backwards. Keep the stock voltage, but change the latencies and frequencies. 9-9-9-24 is just a recommended setting, just one possibility out of many. Try 9-9-9-24, 1600mHz, 1.6V, and run MemTest86, then try increasing it to 1700mHz, and just slowly increase it until it's unstable.

Yup , got it.  Ty. Its just a experiment to improve my understanding of ram. I am sure i have more questions. I purchased the 2133 far cheaper than i could of purchased 1866 or 2000. So its time.



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