GSC Game World announces closure

GSC Game World, the creator of the PC exclusive STALKER series, has announced the cancellation of STALKER 2, and the closure of the studios.

The team were experiencing major financial difficulties, and couldn't find an investor. They had even been working without pay for a few months.

However when a studio closes, talent is not lost! The STALKER devs have formed a new company called Vostok Games. They plan to create a first person MMO, similar to STALKER, and using some of the STALKER 2 assets they had been working on.

RIP GSC, hope Sergei isn't in trouble with the Ukranian mob, and I hope Survarium, Vostok's spiritual successor to STALKER turns out well!

Yeah... Stalker was one of my favorite FPS games. It had a level of depth to it... and the atmosphere was awesome.There were a lot of bugs in the game and it wasn't accessible to the masses like say, CoD is. They didn't hold your hand through the game... Which is what made is awesome.

I am looking forward to a lot of the games getting funding through Kickstarter too. Even without Stalker 2 we should have some good, deep, and intelligent FPS games to play soon. 

fps with with deapth and intelligence? Those words don't go together, at least according to all the publishers.