Grounding myself, first build

So as the title says, I'm about to build my very first gaming rig. But I'm scared as f*** to damage expensive components like the mobo or GPU. I know all the ways of grounding myself, but the problem is that my socket doesnt have a ground (old house). So it wouldn't matter if I plug in my PSY and have an anti-statis wristband attached to it right? What are good ways of grounding myself without using the ground in my socket? PLS, help!



as long as your not wearing wool socks on carpet you will be fine. before you touch any components touch the metal of your power supply. That will ground you out.

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If the sockets don't have grounding and if you're paranoid you can touch all the components while holding one hand on the kitchen sink and blam you're grounded and all the components are in the same potential. Keep your fingers away from the connectors tho lol

The door handle that always zaps you, guess what that zap is. ;)


Won't ground him tho if theres no grounding in the socket

Keep the power cord plugged in but the PSU off.

Still, since there's no grounding in the electrical socket the ground wire will only end up hitting plastic

Oh I didn't read that. Still, touching a metal part of the case should be fine. I've had my hands in hundreds of PC's and I"ve never had an issue, if OP is that paranoid get one of these.

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I tear a system apart like every 3 days on my carpet, usually wearing socks, and I have never killed a component. I just touch the case or power supply. On my first build I never grounded myself, didn't know better, and I was fine. Just touch the case every 20 or 30 minutes and you'll be fine.

all those bands do is discharge the static electricity that gets built up by your body. As long as they are connected to metal they work the same as touching the metal on a power supply or touching a door knob on your way out of the house. As long as that static is discharged you are fine. Which computer components these days are almost; I say ALMOST protected again static shock. As long as you don't touch the fingers on Video cards, Memory, or any additional item you are fine. Try holding the MB on the edges and don't put your paws all over the board.