Grokking GUIs

There’s this famous post/repo about what happens when you press something on google, the idea is fantastic and instantly gives you a mental model of what the structure of a website is.

What i’m trying to do, and i hope you guys can help me with that, is draw the same kind of mental model/understanding of GUIs. Questions like what is openGL, who is responsible for drawing the interface when i log in to a system and why is it so damn hard to make a GUI framework are things i don’t even know where to being answering and i’d like to fill that gap in my knowledge.

Feel free to recommend technically heavy books.


Ok, I will just drop you something about wayland
It will give you an insight into graphical displays and how complex of task it is.

And it’s just wayland, there is also the old Xorg server that does things differently.
In GUI you have to somehow do one or the other, or both (imagine the complexity) and if you want to go further Windows and Mac, then have fun creating a GUI :smiley:

p.s. I hate guis, I barely tolerate web browsers.


This seems exactly like what i was looking for, thanks a lot!

Literally any book about modern operating systems design.

Equally, do it backwards. Go download plan 9 and learn to read C

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