Grip for back of in-case laptop

Hi! I recently got a new laptop and i decided to get a case in which I could use the laptop without having to take it out of the case.. So I bought a case with lots of room for air and pads for it to stick to the bottom of the case.. Fantastic!

But there's this little adhesive hook thing that came with the case for the back so it can grip the top of the laptop when I open it up.. And I only got one of them even though there's two places in the back for the laptop to grab onto...? I can't really find another one to buy online anywhere since I have no idea what those are called and what to search for? I was hoping someone on here might know what those are called?

There's a few pictures on imgur here

I hope someone is able to help! I dont really like the laptops screen slighty bending every time I open it up... Thank you very very much! And sorry for the "less than stellar" camera work xb <3

Can't say what they are called but if you don't have the 'right' stuff to stick the lid to the case you can use anything that sticks on bith sides.
The contworting is only an effect when thin plastic film comming a bit loose from a plastic panel when you bend the display, so you don't need to worry about distortion as being harmful