Greetings Nerdlings. I come in Peace


I hope you’re ok with having an alien on your forum. I saw you accept furries and was really hoping you could give me a second look as an advanced intel1337ual.

On another note I like the classic C++, the good book and the good meme.
Machine learning is sweet. I’d really like a machine learning suite. Machine learning makes me sweat. Mchine’s are learning about the Swedes.

I hope to make much project, and to learn de way of good talk with internet friend.

This post was lacking spaghett, I know… But somebody touched it, so I don’t gotta none.



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How sweet, you think you are the only one…

We may have to do something about that…

Oh, hello by the way, and welcome to earth.


Not anything negative towards you op but wow we’ve had quite a few “greetings” threads lately


Enjoy your stay

The Lounge is down the hall and to the left


Heya! o/

Prepare your fingers, you will get a lot of typing to do. We got a new thread since a few days ago especially made for “gentlemens discussion”. As I quite enjoy beeing there, have a shortcut:

Grabs another armchair


Greetings and salutations from the Community at large where aliens, weird and everything in between is welcomed.

P.s.-These greeting threads apparently have a rising trend indeed.

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What did I just read?

That quite clearly my good sir depends upon what was not read first.

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derp derp

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Dot, dot, dot.

Oh hell no he didn’t just… :exploding_head:



When are we holding the Musk 2024 election celebration on mars? sponsored by reddit

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Sometime around the year 2024 I suspect.
And why this is I know not.
Perhaps an instinctual hunch.

Welcome to the L1T forums. Enjoy your stay.

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He do not kno de wae

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Then he must be shown the way.

Dis teh wei

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Ooohhh, getting wrecked.
The only way to go!

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It’s called unexpected off roading.