Green Pepper[Get Crackin Challenege]

Green pepper

Green pepper address two main issues. First it mends the huge disconnect that exist between people and the origins of the food they consume. Second it promotes a 100 mile diet.

User Flow
Once the user signs up the app provides listings for the available categories with a 100 mile radius(in the future the user will be given the ability to adjust the range but not exceeding 100 miles).

Users can rate other sellers and remove their own listings.

Anyone can add a listing to any of the categories.

This app is totally dependent on local user generated content, so basically a user like yourself adds an listing to a category and if that listing is in your radius you are able to see it and contact that provider/user.

Ex: User1 makes home brewed beer, he was over zealous in brewed a few to many and decides to list his surplus under the Beer category in the Green Pepper app. User2 is within the 100m radius and sees User1's home brew beer, User2 clicks the item and is taken to a detail view showing reviews of the seller/user and decides to call User1 for some home brewed beer.

Any bartering/exchange of money is done outside of the app on terms agreed upon my both parties.

This is currently WIP with a goal of having a build for external beta testing ready by or before August, 1 2016.

Current Platforms: iOS

I am currently looking for beta testers if you are interested and have an iPhone either leave your email in a reply or message me.

This View has been modified using a different UI Layout

I removed the messaging functionality and in its placed provide a button that allowed the user to call the individual providing the produce directly


Me like, too bad it wouldnt work for a metropolis dweller like me :(

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That's awesome, what's it written in?

@explore Its Written in Swift

@SajkoWolfe Why wouldn't it work for you?

This is a really good idea. I prefer good old local farmers who have stands in their yards. The stuff you get there is just far, far, far superior even to the stuff you get at supermarkets.

I started making Simple Squash from carnival squashes last autumn and the ones from farm stands somehow have twice the flesh that the ones from our supermarket get. It's almost as if they modified the supermarket squashes to have fewer seeds and less flesh.

Cause 100 miles is a long distance for someone who only commutes on trains and buses (do not own a car, owning a car in Central London is suicide)

Nice, the game I'm working on right now is in Swift as well, I quite like it. WRT your app: I think a lot of people (myself included) would prefer the messaging component stay in, I dislike talking on the phone.

@SajkoWolfe The max radius is 100m but optimally the provider of said consumable could be within 5miles of you or just around the block. :)

@explore I have done some Alpha testing and the feedback showed that people preferred having the ability to verbally speak with the individual they are receiving said consumable from, additionally once you have someones number messaging is as simple as sending a text message. :)


Real testing definitely trumps my idle speculation! Either way the app mock-ups look awesome, very pretty UI. (There is a typo in your mock-up reviews "graden" should be "garden")

@explore Thanks for the heads up and these are not mockups they are actually views from the app


Hey guys I need some beta testers for this app, just send me your email and you will get an invite(only for iPhone)

That's gonna be a problem :\

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I have plans to release it for Android in the future. :)

@SajkoWolfe not my current house, or the one before, but the one before that was in the middle of a major city and i grew a raspberry bush that ended up taking over then entire garden and was about 20 feet long. produced thousands of berrys a year. we left it their when we moved, but towards then end it was producing so many that we couldnt find use for them and left most of them for the birds and rabbits. could have used this program to get humans to eat them instead.
and all this right in the middle of a major city.

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@fredrich_nietze Bingo

Here are some updated screen shots(populated with fake data)

This could be incredible. I like it a lot.

Im gonna keep an eye on this and when it comes to Android, I'll definitely use it.

Launch Day!

So I just finished wrapping up my last round of testing and am getting the app ready for submission to Apple's Appstore. This process can take up to around 18days but other then that this app is done. I am going to start getting things going for the official launch day around 3-4 weeks from now by building buzz and getting a mailing list and any other form of marketing(I need a landing page anyone wanna help me out with this?). I also need to find a solid pool of early adopters anyone got any ideas. The app will retail for $4.99