Green bullet for streaming?

so im getting back into streaming i currently have a Audio Technica At2020-usb presently and im thinking of getting a different mic to use with a Scarlet solo, I will be streaming on twitch a bit, but am unsure if i should go to the non usb Audio technica AT2020 or if i should get the Shure Green Bullet, i like the extra growl from the bullet, and how is looks very rockabilly, or does anyone have a different mic idea that sounds decent and looks Rockabillyish?

If you wanted to use a DAC setup you could go with a sennheiser shotgun. I know that will be my next upgrade for my setup.

Message @Logan and see what he uses. Might be a good idea.

If you have an idea in mind that suits visually with your theme then keep to it. I personally wouldn't want to go with a USB mic because of in-line static. I am thinking of using my Peavy XR400B with a mic. It's a big amp but it might do the job. No clue though.

yeah, i wasent really looking for a bob barker mic, thanks for the idea tho, and im not trying to recreate logans mic, I wasent sure if using the green bullet would be good mic for twitch and such, Also, holy crap thats a redicioulus amp for a pc usage they use the same mic amp at my local metal/punk venue.

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Welp, it's what I have!

green bullet is a great classic mic for harmonica, but has such a narrow frequency range you would sound like your where on a telephone.

AT2020 is a really good mic. You could change the Scarlett for something with a valve overdrive in and you would have better control of the warmth/growl

But if you want rockabilly looks and good sound, would have to be a Shure 55

shure 55 looks perfect but Damn that price tag..

lol - is out of my price range too, but lot closer than the broadcast mics i been drooling over.

Only other mic i can think of that may have the right look would be a Samson Meteor. Sound quality is decent for broadcasting - not as good as an AT2020 but imho better than a Yeti. It is only USB, but take the legs off and put it on a mic stand and would look pretty cool.

My preference would be to keep the Scarlett and use my Samson Q7 (awesome sound for the price) then use some eq and effects to create a more retro sound