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From the end of the 11/22 news -- just a little skit from us. Please like and subscribe :)

This is a Patron-sponsored sneak peek at what is coming at the end of the news broadcast tonight around midnight eastern time.

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Need to fix that face page ? It is shambles and hurts your cred.

dark, very dark I LIKE

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Want some Rubel... uh I mean apples?


lol is all i can say

This was hilarious. I loved it.


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What are you talking about? I just cycled through all the L1 pages, I don't see anything broken! Are you talking about Facebook?

Awesome... it's great to see a video that sees Thanksgiving (and things like Australia Day) for what they really are!! And those anti-vaccine people... sigh

Sometimes I really miss George Carlin...

He would have made 2016 so much more interesting!

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Your face page is basically trashed from my perspective. I will take a screen shot for ya.

This what it looks like to me. Doesnt scale any better. I just figured this out. Relates to
Looks like it is just me with some cranked up settings Wendell...............I'll go sit in the corner :(

works fine for me

It stems from me blocking the Breaks the page.

ah ok