Great Sci-Fi/ Tech Movies

What are your favorite Sci-Fi or tech movies? I'm looking for something new to watch.

My Favorites:

Ex Machina
Terminator Series
District 9
The Martian
Pacific Rim

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Armageddon, a 2 hr beer commercial. Best movie ever.
The Stargate movies


I've been thinking about getting into the Stargate shows/ movies.


Navy actually loaned them an attack boat for the one movie. They asked them to break the ice at point X. Navy said "Watch this!":)

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blade runner has to be mentioned here obviously
i enjoy tom cruise so oblivion, minority report and edge of tomorrow
interstellar (duh)
transcendence got a lot of meh reviews but i enjoyed it
solaris with george clooney is ok if u like slow movies

You know I forgot to watch that... Oops

The matrix
Short Circuit (lol)

oh damn, go watch it right now

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I want to go watch bladerunner again now

inb4 someone mentions chappie
check out Elysium if u havent

Great movie, I enjoyed that one.

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I watched Bladerunner and had trouble staying interested..

gotta be in the right mood if u watch it for the first time
but its arguably the greatest sci fi ever made

Blade Runner
Judge Dredd
5th Element
I, Robot
Minority Report
12 Monkeys
Total Recall(With the man and the pussy)
Space Odyssey
Mad Max
Planet of the apes
AI Artificial Intelligence
Back to the Future
Edge of Tomorrow
so many

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I'm sorry... I found it so bloody booooring...

This one on the other hand was surprisingly good. Except the ending, ofcourse, but what the hell...

And if you love comedy, you should watch the laughably enjoyable mess Transformers...

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I didn't like Elysium.

The whole concept of taking someone else's home that they have built is really not playing well with me.

hits a personal note?

No, I just find the logic of that movie flawed.
Sounds more like a catastrophe than anything else

I love the first Stargate movie, and the original series is great (not a big fan of Atlantis)

Was really disappointed that they cut universe. I think it was before its time. If it came out now it would be a pretty big hit, but at the time a lesbian couple that was written well (matter of fact one of the best imo) and all the sexy time scenes was way to crazy for viewers I guess.

I suggest starting at sg1 though, the others assume you have watched them

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