Great Quality Headphones?

I am having a difficult time finding a great pair of Headphones, I can't seem to find a pair that isn't going to cost me $300 and its drivers have so much low end I have to use the terrible "Equalizer" on my iPod to adjust to my liking. I maily listen to Metal, but I listen to just about anything, EXCEPT Country, Rap, and Hip-Hop. 

I'm trying to find a nice pair that are going to be clean, crisp, and flat. I want to experience In Flames music (everything before A Sense of Purpose) like I'm listening straight from the Studio Masters. Anyone have any suggestions?

FYI, I'm a FOH Engineer so you can get technical with me, and please don't suggest the POS Dr Dre Beats.


P.S. The In Flames reference was an example, I don't mean to start a In Flames "flame" war. Thanks!

Dt770 pro 80ohm edition

Use spoken word imo its the best ipod equalizer setting

sennheiser, m-audio, steel series, beyerdynamic, denon... many choices all are good, find the ones for you. comfort, sound, wired/wireless, size, cans/buds... i highly recommed anything sennheiser and m-audio... i use them specifically for listening and music production. 

I have a pair of ATH-M50's, they sound amazing. I also mostly listen to Metal, though I also enjoy some Hip Hop. The quality of sound is great, though they do have a bit of a bass to them. Not nearly as much as Beats, so don't worry about that. Build quality is top-notch, even though they're made out of plastic, they feel solid. I also have a pair of Sennheiser HD280's. They look ugly as shit, IMO, but they are very confortable and sound just as good as the M-50's minus the bass. They sound very neutral. They look and feel somewhat cheap, but the soft paddening makes them very comfortable to use. I've also heard some good things about Sony MDR-V6, so check those out as well.


Sennheiser HD280:

Sony MDR-V6:

best $120 is ath m50

best $200 is beyerdynamic dt 770 pro

all my opinion

seinheiser. reccomended by many audiophiles here.... i' not an audiophile, so I relly can't say much, execpt base farts are fukin annoying.....


^^^^^ +1  

I've had my dt770 pro 80's for like 2 years now. They sound great, they're comfortable. I have beat the hell out of mine and haven't had any problems. So yeah great sound & great quality. One of the best purchases I've ever made.

Klipsch s4/s4i/s4a

They don't fool you with super mega bass. Too much bass is used to fool you, so they make you think it's a better quality, or clearer, but it isn't. I listen to many genras. Indi rock, electro, glitch, slow singing women, the beates what not, everything, Mozart... They are perfect for me. Theyr prices dropped from 120-150$ to 40-60 in the last 2 years.

Klipsch, Sennheiser (baring the higher models), and dt770 won't have a flat sound at all. The dt770 is known for its bass and Klipsch products are generally very consumer oriented meaning bloated/bleeding bass. You don't want that. Sennheiser stuff is generally veiled and the M50 isn't close to flat. If you really want some guidance, look to head-fi. Also, don't expect good suggestions without a budget and the rest of your rig listed. Do you have a dac or an amp? If so, what do you have? Will this be for home listening exclusively or do you want to take them on the go? Are you willing to get a dac/amp as well if you don't have one already?

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I would personally recommend AKG K271 MK2, sound is really good, flat as it can get in the price range, everything is nice and crisp. They are on sale on amazon right now, really good option for that money (

After using Steelseries Syberia v2 for a while these headphones totally blew my mind, Steelseries sucked hard as it turned out.

I generally listen to metal/rock music (something like Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Guns 'n Roses that kind of stuff) and bunch of electronic music (chip tune and stuff like Daft Punk or Moby).

Depends. Honestly, the best headphones I have used to date are all Sennheiser.

Starting, you can not go wrong with the HD280 Pro's. Good sound quality, fantastic noise isolation (much better than almost all active noise canceling headphones), and at $100, they are a great deal.

Next up, I would say the Sennheiser HD380's are another great choice! Again, closed back, great isolation. They are essentially the upgraded model to the 280, but run ~$150.

Finally, my personal favorite of all time right now, are the HD558's. Open ear, so no isolation what-so-ever, but the sound is simply amazing, and are by far the most comfortable set of cans I have ever had the pleasure of using. Great bass, great everything really, and can be had for $175 on amazon.

The HD280's and HD380's are flat response reference monitors, so that may be what you are looking for. However if you enjoy long periods of listening to music, I seriously can not recommend the HD558's enough. I use them for everything from movies, to gaming, to music. I listen to literally everything, and actually find more detail out of them than I do my 3 way tower speakers.