Great Practical Ethical Hacking Course - Heath Adams (For Aspiring Security Pro's / SysAdmins)

Just a heads up to all the Aspiring Security Professionals, Casual hackers or Sysadmins that want to level up their skills.

There’s currently an absolutely phenomenal course available on Udemy for a bargain Price of 50$, discounted by 75% form it’s original price.

As an already proficient Security Professional I’ve been testing it out going over the material and I can absolutely say this is one of the best Udemy courses I’ve seen in a while.

It’s hosted by Heath Adams, Aka (The Cyber Mentor - TCM)

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It’s got about 24hours of practical applied material that will take you from a relatively competent Computing newbie to a pro.

ABSOLUTELY can recommend this.

Here is what the Course Covers

He also has a youtube channel that contains a lot of valuable additional material

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Mixed feelings so far. Been watching his free/sample videos.

+ His subnetting instruction was better than most.

- He uses a very outdated tool for his note taking. He acknowledges this
- He encourages chmod 777 and says “It’s easy to remember”