Great Graphics card for next gen gaming

So i have just put toghether a new pc and would like some advice as to what graphics card to buy?

Im gaming on a 23inch monitor with max resolution of 1920x1080

I was looking at the Nvidia GTX 690 but im guessing that would be overkill for my system :P

Im looking to play all the major releases coming up such as BF4, Titanfall, The Witcher 3 ect

any help would be great thanks :)

690 would be very overkill. Any single high-tier card will do. Are you looking to purchase now, or later? The reason I ask is because AMD are rumoured to release cards later in the year. It will give a bit more selection.

I think the 760 and 7950 are two very reasonably priced cards. Battlefield 4 and many other future games are going to be optimised for AMD, so it would be advisable to grab the 7950. Has more Vram from mods and stuff, too. Higher performance value, especially when it is overclocked.

Awesome thanks i may hold on untill these new AMD's are released see what there packing :)

Also i was looking at a GTX 770/780

Thanks man :)

780 would be overkill at 1080p as well

7970's are at 7950 prices right now. $330 or so

his iceqx2 has sold 4 7970s in an hour