Great games to unwind to?

The title basically says it all. What are some great games that are perfect for sitting in front of and unwinding to? I want something that wont require too much mental strain, but not completely mindless either?

I usually unwind to firefall nowadays. Thats a fun game.

If your talking web based games used to waste time in class playing its waaaay addicting.

Then theres skyrim. And approaching 300 hours played on the steam counter.

Great suggestions. Come on guys! The PC game archive is huge, there has to be hundreds of games that are perfect for this.

Resident Evil 5, plug your 360 controller in, sit back and whack zombies everywhere :D


Can't wait for RE 6, large fan of RE games since i was 5 years old <3

Terraria, Killing Floor, Ace of Spades (Once the choppiness gets fixed.), definitely RE6 when it's on PC, it's alot more action-y than the past Resident Evils, that being said I still loved it. Especially dat baseball slide. Gotham city imposters is really fun too. Combat arms is a pretty casual FPS, just don't get sucked into spending your life savings on gear. The guns don't even help that much, even though I guess you could say it's pay to win...but eh.


Dark Souls.

It's the most irritating game I've personally ever played, but it's so fun.  If you go into PVP, just mess with people.  Don't even fight them, just mess with them.  Make them think you're an enemy, but never attack and go do things like PeevePeeverson.  It's such a fun thing.  lol

Fallout Series in general for me also elder scrolls games starting with Morrowind

I like to try out crazy mods from the nexus and laugh at the outragousness of some of them.

Add Just Cuase 2 to that list of just fun games to play. With the forever long list of addons, hacks, and patches it makes it so much better than console  versions.

I find Civilization 4 & 5 are really great.  Also a bit of Minecraft never hurt anyone. =P

L.A. Noire, I picked up that game recently on a sale, and I tell you, it is so much fun. It doesn't require too much thinking but atleast pay attention like you would in a movie.

If you like tactial RTS games, Company Of Heroes. It still looks nice and it's dirt cheap on steam. 

For me, CoH has a perfect balance between tactics and apm.

All great suggestions guys! 

Would you say Just Cause 2 is similar to Far Cry 3?

I'm currently playing through kingdoms of amalur: reckoning right now and that game is great for relaxing.

Battlefield 3 is also awesome

Final Fantasy 7 with a shit ton of mods. I have been playing it recently to help me relax, and what a timeless game. About 8Gb of mods installed rofl.