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Great Community Experience


I drive part-time for Uber in the Metro Detriot area, mostly every morning/evening during my commute (which I highly recommend for some easy extra cash!)

This morning I had a great conversation with a rider, who happened to be a fellow Level1 viewer!

Great to meet fellow viewers out in the wild, we had a great conversation the whole ride.



I am an illegal cab driver.


I am an illegal cab driver.

Don’t tell the feds


End the FED.


If you guys are ever in DFW area, hit me up and we’ll go out and have a beer or a soda or shot of wheat grass.

Of course, the lot of you could also not stand me so, if that’s the case, nvm have a good life :sob:


Cheers from the Royal Oak area :beers:

@Aremis is a michigander as well .

Come by my town and I’ll buy you a drink, also you’ll get better tips here haha


My day job is right in downtown RO!


How’d you find out? Is there a secret handshake I’m not privy to?


We were talking about our jobs and just bitching about ISPs, and then it was brought up that we got some of our tech news from a YouTube show/podcast, and they said it was L1, and I was pleasantly surprised.


Ah, I gotcha. Sweet



greetings fellow detroiter


Well you both are not far from me in Sarnia ON Canada so if you want to have a very, very interesting conversation that may lead to who the heck knows what message me on Facebook when you are here. LOL!


Funny (probably not) story, but I was wearing a L1 shirt at Quakecon. That’s how @Big_Al_Tech found me in line :grin:

Other than that, I generally whip it out and slam it down. Other L1’ers recognize the call and do the same. We typically have to find another establishment to drink and be merry at, though.


I use that strategy with all the women in my life.


Used this forum to bump into some lvl1r’s at defcon.

If anyone comes to Los Angeles, I’m around, and one weekend a month in San Diego.