Great Bandcamp Albums

basically share who you've found on bandcamp and the albums you've bought and what your listening to now
im currently listening to and im enjoying it i paid $1 for it :P
i know i feel bad but they didn't put a minimum on how much you can pay

Cigarettes After Sex and I payed for their two albums for as much as a total of one studio album release.

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ooh this is quite nice :D

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Starfighter - Night Runner

Activation - Danger Mode

A Color for Fiction - Invocation Array

Kings & Queens - LEAH


Really liking Little Roy's album "Battle for Seattle". Ayria's music is also rapidly growing on me.

198XAD | Mega Drive

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Ugly Duckling


Schaffer The Darklord

MC Frontalot

Lazy Habits

I more just dropped artists, but that is because of these ones I listen to everything they put out and it is all great.

There are others that I would only have 1 or 2 albums from but I more go for an artist.

EDIT: I love that someone got as far as clicking the Schaffer link and just quit. about the right response he is strange.

I'm a lazy SOB so I'm not posting links but:
Baron Crane - Crazy french stoner/psych band with really unorthodox sound
Mendel - Amazing instrumental metal
Give - One of the best hardcore bands of all time IMHO
Wussy - Alternative rock with heavy riffs and layered mixes
Marc Ribot (Ceramic Dog) - Guitarist for Tom Waits off and on and if you know what that means you'll want to here his solo stuff
Thriftworks - Trippy electronic music with great samples and insane dynamic range (great headphone testing music)
Life Leone - West cost alt rock laid back and relaxing

I picked this up yesterday.

Together 14 and マクロスMACROSS 82-99

Together 14 does house electronic with various artists and Macross 82-99 does vaporwave/future-funk. All their albums are free except 'A Million Miles Away' by Macross but it's $1 USD and it is worth it.

Here is one other album by Macross that is not shown in his Bandcamp.

Casually listening to that right now and so far it is pretty good. So far, I am liking Acid Spit, Memory Dealer, Slum Lord, Exoskeleton, and Osaka Sewers, and NARC.

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Reviving the old topic with ArtOfficial’s Vitamins & Minerals:

An interesting blend of jazz and rap, i personally haven’t heard many similar artists.

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I recommend Sithu Aye for those that like Progressive Metal with some Djent and Jazz influences.

Set Course for Andromeda is a great album to listen to.

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Wow that is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing.

My recommendations are:
Alternative metal (favourite song: Cloak Engaged):

Some very relaxing stoner Rock (favourite song: Loom):

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