Grav CMS Web Development

I thought I’d create another thread more dedicated to discussing Grav development since I was already derailing the WordPress post. I successfully deployed my Grav instance (see mixed in with NGINX (and Gitea on the side but that’s not what this is about). But it seems like Grav is very limited in features for page design (has tons of management features which is fantastic) right off the bat.

I am not all that savvy with HTML and CSS development (though I somewhat get by) but CMS even less so. There are currently two things I wanna try setting up on my pages.

  1. A sidebar that applies to every page.

  2. Being able to set up a grid type system for images similar to what WordPress has or what I did with HTML+CSS where I can scale down images (by percentage and not by pixels preferably) and fit multiple images on the same row.

  3. Adding captions to images (optional)

I am using the Quark theme mind you, unless there is a better suited theme, but I don’t think I seen any. I haven’t found too many good tutorials neither on this matter. I am not looking to replicate exactly what I had before but I want to make something that looks somewhat similar.


Update: I finally figured out a way to get Sidebar functionality. That should save me time in the long run…at the expense of the sheer amount of time it took me to get it working but it is still worth it. Gonna keep the site on standby until I am done redesigning all the pages. Also the max file upload limit is 2 MB, which is crap, some of my screenshots/pictures exceed 2 MB. I think that’s a PHP thing that needs to be fixed.

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Grav looks interesting, very responsive even when throttled. You could look into the images that you serve, .png is not doing you any favors.
For example one of these is original .png 3.29MB monster, the other one is 150kB .jpg. Can you spot the difference :slight_smile: ?

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I will look into that. Still that 2 MB requirement is quite strict but I think you might be right. Also I finally finished redesigning the site for now. When I update it I may reconsider changing the .png files to .jpeg (at least the large files/files taken by camera). PNG is better for screenshots.