Graphic's problem

I went from a stock cooler on my i7-2600k today to a evo 212, and when I went to boot up the computer my monitor was getting no signal from either my gpu's hdmi or dvi. I then proceeded to boot my computer without the gpu and use onboard graphic's and still no signal from either hdmi or dvi on my mobo. what are the possiblities of my problem.

Could be a few things, but my guess would be you forgot to plug something in. Can you see your computer POSTing?

Is the CPU fan plugged up? It is probably blocking you from booting if it isn't in the right fan header.

are you sure that the PC is fully booting? Fans spin up and everything? Press and hold the power button when the PC is turned on. If it takes about 5 seconds to turn off, It's probably a video problem. If it shuts off instantly, then something got messed up during the cooler change.

No visuals and no beeps

All fans are spinning and damn is it cool compared to before. My computer always took that long for the power to engage and disengage before. It takes maybe 3-4 seconds.