Graphics Cards... What does the future hold?

Hi everyone

I'm in dire need of a new Graphics card for my gaming pc. It's got all the shiny bells and whistles a gaming rig needs except for the one bottle neck, graphics. At the moment I'm running some crappy old Radeon with 1GB of graphics ram and while it does a surprisingly good job I am a power hungry man with an unquenchable thirst for more.

Looking forward with all the new announcements of the Xbone and the PS4, it looks like Intel has lost all the contracts to build the chipsets this generation which leads to my question... if I am to buy a graphics card that keeps in mind the future of gaming, would it make more sense for me to buy an AMD over an Intel/Nvidia? Will game run better on AMD GPUs in the future because of this? Also, as an Australian, which of these cards would end up being the best choice for a regular consumer who definitely can't afford $400 on a new GPU?

Thanks a lot.

the wii uses an ati gpu but that didn't make the whole industry shift to amd because that's not how it works.

I don't that the new consoles will have that much of an impact on AMD vs Intel vs Nvidia nonsense because consoles yeild market and stock changes. Not actual performance favoring. What the new gen of consoles will dow how ever is take more advantage of more cores. making the cpus with more cores better.

If you want to future proof your rig you have to buy the most powerful price to performance card from either amd or Nvidia. the GTX 7xx series has just about been launched and it's really good for the money. Especially the 780. But that's out of the price range as it's $800 for austrailians.

If you're going to buy a CPU now. get something decent, and not balls to the wall. Because withing a year and a half from now Maxwell architexture from Nvidia will be comming out and the new HD8xxx / 9xxx series will be out soon.