Graphics cards decisions...7870 XTvs7950vs7970

So do to many unfortunate events with my computer that had to deal with not just my graphics card, I need to buy a new graphics card because my last one malfunctioned and I'm just not sure of which one to get. My last card broke and I was given a full refund for it and I decided to throw some extra money to get a better card. I live in France so be weary that prices are different. I'm deciding between either getting a VTX3D 7870 black edition(xt) for around 185 euros, a variaty of 7950s under 300 euros, or a Sapphire 7970 OC edition at 300 euros. My problem is that for the 7870 black edition I can pay for all at once but the 7950 and the 7970 I would have to pay in 3 parts to get the cash together and I was wondering if the performance is worth the extra cash for the upgrade. I have an Arctic Cooling Accelero 7970 xtreme which is a third party cooler that I  used on my last card and will be using on this card(so the cooler doesn;t matter) and I plan to overclock it. I plan on using either or to buy them. I would use eBay if I found a good deal used or the other site due to it being the cheapest and offering 4 games instead of 2 with their graphics cards. The games I will be playing are Saints Row 3, Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim, Borderlands 2. GTA 4, etc. I would like the card to last me atleast 3-4 years before a new upgrade.

The links for the cards I'm looking at:

VTX3D 7870 Black Edition:

Selection of 7950s:

Sapphire 7970 OC edition:

Thanks in advance!

I would probably save up a little bit more and  get a 7950 and overclock the hell out of it.  An overclocked 7950 will beat a stock 7970

^ +1 But make sure that you get one with a decent cooler and that isn't voltage locked. Other than that, grab a 7950 and get the clock speed up as high as you can stably get it.

Well it's not that I need to save up. It's more that I can get the card I just have to pay in payments to get one. But I am going to overclock a 7970 if I get it anyway. My question is it worth the extra cash.

Did you guys not read my agreeably long paragraph saying that I have a Arctic Cooling Accelero 7970 I will be putting on it instead of the cooler sold to me. But thanks for the chart. I'm just wondering preformance wise if the 7950 and the 7970 is worth the extra $$ from the 7870 xt. And which 7950 models are not voltage locked?

Just dont buy Gigabyte, they always lock the voltage...

MSI, Asus is the way to go...

just get the sapphire 7970 you posted it has unlocked voltage if you use trixx overclocking tool from there website and with the accelero it will oc really good other wise get a msi 7950 those overclock great too 

The HIS IceQ 7950 isn't voltage locked is it? I didn't even think about that.

if you look in his profile he got a 7950 (doesn't say what brand)

this is a month old