Graphics Card Upgrade for AMD Phenom X4 925

Hey all, I have a quick question I came across for my secondary rig. It's falling behind by today's standards, I can run BF4, but at only at low settings for a solid 1080p 60fps. I built this computer about 3 years ago now with the phenom 925 2.8ghz and GeForce GTX 560 4gb graphics card. I'm assuming it's the graphics card that would be the weaker link between the two so I'm looking for an upgrade.

I've been thinking about picking up a r9 280x just to see the AMD side of graphics cards, and every 600 series Nvidia card is over $400. I really don't mind which company, more bank for the buck type. Budget is maybe $300-400 but that's quite a gap, I'm also thinking just wait for some solid deals Black Friday or Cyber Monday.


What do you recommend I do?

Highest I would go with that phenom would be the 7950 at the highest