Graphics card under $170 or so

Im looking for a card under 170 for the time being. I'm wanting to play games like MMOs, Skyrim w/ some texture mods, Bioshok Infinite(which i own already), and LoL so nothing too premium. But I also work in a lot of Adobe programs like illustrator, photoshop, and a tiny bit in Final Cut.

I was looking into a 650 ti Boost edition because it's fairly well priced and I could grab another for SLI in about a month or two. And i hear it works well for the Adobe programs.

So 2 questions

1: Would the SLI be worth it if i get the 650 ti Boost?

2: Could I do much better for my needs in that price range?

Look into buying a used card:

I'd rather not have a 1g card

Im not so sure how i feel about buying a used card......seems iffy to me considering an RMA or refund of any kind would be out of the question

Why not? Are you running multiple monitors?

Well from looking around and reading a bit the advatages of a 2g card seem pretty big. I could be dead wrong, but this is just what it has seemed like to me.

I'm afraid you are incorrect for the most part. At that level, a 2gb card is not useful unless you are running multiple monitors.

I do a bit of video editing as well, the 1g wouldnt effect me?

New games will start using 2gb video ram so yeah. 
I think the new GTX 650 ti Boost is the perfect choice for you.
2gb vram, 
192 bit interface, 
Check out reviews and benchmarks on youtube if you want