Graphics card troubles

I am building a new system and I want it to be able to play games at 1440p but currently my monitor can only handle 1080p. Should I buy a gtx 1070 now and get another monitor later or should I wait for the gtx 1060 with a monitor (money is a factor. I'm 16 working a minimum wage job to build this rig)

RX480 or used GPU.

I play 4k with my 390X which is similar performance to the 480, so you should be fine.

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depends what are your games...
There's never best choice for everything...

and 1440p might be too heavy for some cards for some games.

What graphics card do you currently have?

Have you tried either of the VSR/DSR solutions?

I think @The_Space_Bear is right, the RX480 is a way better deal than a 1070. But just to be sure, wait for custom models (Sapphire for instance) and read the reviews.
Also, as @anon5205053 has mentioned, it depends on the game(s)


A 1070 would own 1080p hell a RX480 would too. Id say both would do 1440p well.

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The 1070 makes no sense as a card. I say the RX480 in some Sapphire version will be the best option for your use case.