Graphics card shopping

So I have an ATI Radeon HD 6450 1GB DDR3 card in my computer at the moment and it needs to be replaced and I was wondering for both gaming and adobe work (photoshop, Premiere Pro etc) would I be better off buying a 1GB GDDR5 card or a 2GB DDR3 card? because I know that GDDR5 is newer and double the bandwidth but is it necessarily better if you're sacrificing 1GB of graphics RAM? I understand that graphics cards specs are also based on things like the clock speed and the two cards I am looking at are very similar in all other aspects its just that the RAM is completely different so which should I buy?

I'd say the extra 1GB of VRam would be better, as well as cheaper.

i think 6450s are around 40-50 and if you can find a 7750 with 1gb gddr5 on sale for around 50-60 (i got my friend one for his bday for 50 with rebate) go for that. the power consumption is only about 10-15 watts more and it works on a pc with 250-300w (my friend's pc is also in that range). it needs no external connectors

also for lower end cards the 1 or 2gb ram makes no difference but the quality of ram does gddr5 is better than ddr3

I would say go with the 1gb gddr5, it wont limit you productivity wise and will give you better gaming on most games

I feel like I am in a time warp.

I am going to go into "captain obvious" mode and give you a tip for when manufacturers play number games.

if you get twice as much and its cheaper/near same cost... be suspicious :D