Graphics Card Problem?


Sorry if this is in the wrong place, not quite sure where to put it.

Anyway, I'm experiencing a problem which I believe may be with my graphics card. I think the problem is known as "screen tearing". (Look in the screenshot below, happens in all games, not just MC)

Anyway, I get this ALL the time playing games and then every now and then when just browsing the web or on the desktop. Ive gotten some advice elsewhere but still not found a solution. The computer is 2 weeks old, graphics card is a GTX 660.

To date I have tried different monitors, different cables, different connections, updating drivers and made sure I have the most recent version of java. None of these have helped, so could the graphics card just be bad?


Screenshots -

Turn on adaptive vsync?

Edit: if you're getting it whilst using the web it won't be that ^

If you're drivers are up to date, yes, it could be a faulty card. Have you done any overclocking, or anything to alter it? Best to talk to the store you bought it from, or the manufacturer.

Thanks for the reply! I've turned on the minecraft option for vsync and that made no difference.

No overclocking or setting changes what-so-ever. I will give the company a call, but that will have to wait until Monday.

It's best that you tell them and secure a new card under warranty. Better safe than sorry.