Graphics Card opinion? 760 or 280x

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As the title says it all, I want to buy a new graphics card to replace my Gigabyte 7850 OC. I was thinking of getting a GTX 760 with 4GB GDDR5 or a AMD R9280X with 3GB GDDR5. They have similar prices so I don't know which one to buy. How's the performance between the both of them? 

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280x trades blows (and is usually better than) a 770, so 280x is all over 760, unless you need CUDA

The 280x compares to a 770 (and almost a 780 sometimes, especially when the 280x is overclocked! link) So obviously the 280x beats the 760 hands down.

Because of Litecoin/Scrypt mining, however, AMD cards are very short in supply with a high demand, equaling pretty high prices.

Would you grab a 770 or 280x in your opinion?

280X al the way over a GTX760. About the GTX770 vs 280X thats a bit depending on which games you play, some games do slighly better on nvidia other do better on AMD. but i personaly allways choose for the 280X over the GTX770 2GB, because more vram, can come handy, on higher ress gaming 1440p, or heavy modded games.


In my opinion, I'd grab a 280x.

But a 770 is a very capable card, and with some of the exclusive features, it can be a great option.

Do you think the 280x will be in stock after Christmas? As I've decided to buy the 280x after the holiday season :)

Most UK website that I know doesn't have the 280x in stock. Unless you have other websites in mind that might have? 

well i think they well get back in stock very soon.


and even if you can't get the 280 keep in mind they are both very capable cards, I think you would be fine with the 760 if the 280's arent in stock.

Would the 760 with 4GB GDDR5 memory be capable to run any major title games right now? BF4, Ghost, Crysis, etc...

Don't bother with a 4GB version, unless it's within ~20 bucks of the 2GB version. It really won't help any, except in very specific situations.

It will definitely play all of those games. Crysis 3 on ultra? No, but any other game is butter on that thing.

A 280X is even faster across the board, but you can't find any these days.

Agreed, ditch the 4GB, might as well go for a 770

I got my 280x for 312$ on the first day they were out...I can sell it second hand at a profit around now so not the best time to buy one.

Seems you're left with the nVidia route, the 770 is the better choice(which is in fact a upgraded 680)

a GTX760 4GB version is realy pointless, because a GTX760 isn´t powerfull enough to utilize it anyway. its just a waste of money.

Correct me if I'm wrong but with more VRAM, you can run more detail stuff when you're gaming? Higher texture, better quality etc...

I'll probably wait until after Christmas and see the pricing difference between the 2 cards :P

As the previous person stated the 760 is just not powerful enough to utilize the 4gb anyways, its pointless, if your gaming at 1080p a GTX 770 2GB would be more than enough