Graphics card issues?

about 8 months or so ago I had just upgraded my graphics card from a pair of GTX 660's to an ASUS R9 290, and ran into some rather troubling issues. I have two monitors running off both DVI ports and the image is fine, but it just duplicated the display and wont recognize that I have a whole other desktop that it isn't showing. Could this be a driver issue of some sort?
I'm currently deployed, but wanted to see what the community had to say before I got home, since before too long afterwards I won't have my 660's anymore due to two budget build side projects I'm doing for my friend and fiance'.

So, any thoughts? :)

Have you tried using HDMI or display port to see if its the connection at fault? Would be my first thing to try.

  1. Try another input^^ if you don't have a spare hdmi cable around, maybe you got an adapter from hdmi to dvi.

  2. Have you checked the options under display/displayresolution?
    there is an option that allows for duplicating one display to the other or extend your displays.

I have checked the display/resolution options, but it just wont work. Not saying I won't double check just in case though, haha!
I may go ahead and see about the HDMI adapter though, never thought of a faulty connection...I may have one laying around somewhere.

Thanks for the input! here's hoping it works :)

Update: decided on a whim to reinstall the drivers and it seems that there was an issue with the downloaded drivers. I installed the disk ones and it works just fine now. Definitely will update from there though