Graphics Card Issue? Or Power Supply? Or Something Else?

Okay, so for today, I experienced something quite... Odd to say the very least, and it has literally only happened once, today, I'll have to check later to see if it happens again of course. Basically, my PC decided to restart whilst I was playing Endless Legend, I was just getting into the game, had literally been playing it for no longer than what felt like 10 minutes.

As my PC shut down without warning, I was thinking "wtf?". Well when it restarted, I had a black screen with just white text come up on my main monitor, saying something like:

"Please power down and connect the pcie power cables for this graphics card"

Has anyone else had this issue before? I crapped myself initially, so I did as it said, unplugged it, checked the cables were plugged in, which they were. So I then turned my PC back on, after checking the cables, and it started fine, and I'm having no trouble running graphically simple programs. I could try running Endless Legend again to see if that causes it somehow? - Of all the games, I would not have expected that game to cause any issues with my graphics card, I mean I've played through FarCry 4 with 0 issues, not even any frame rate drops.

If it's of any use, I've got a GTX 780 installed in my system.

Could if be that my PSU is struggling? - I have no idea, I do only have a 750W PSU at the end of the day, with an 80+ bronze rating, not exactly a PSU to brag about, it's one of Corsair's mid-entry level PSU's.

Could it possibly be something totally different to the two? I.E. Motherboard?

It's possible that the power cables just weren't seated correctly and couldn't handle the high amps while under load making the card think it was unplugged. The PSU is good enough so it's not a problem with not enough power. I'd double check that all the cables are connected properly and see if it happens again.

check the windows event log to see if any triggered it

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