Graphics Card help!

Im thinking if I should get either a GTX 660 ti 3GB or 670 4GB or 7950 3GB. I will be playing game on high and I will be doing some 3D Modelling. I know for modelling I need more RAM, I'm thinking of using 16GB of RAM.

here's the 660 ti


here's the 670


and here's the 7950


Please help me!!


The 7950 is the best card out of all 3. The 660ti doesn't even compare to the 7950, practically. If you are going to be editing with Adobe Creative Suite, then get a 670 for CUDA, but otherwise, the 7950 will be on par or better than it with gaming.


yeah I'm going to be using Adobe

and what about a 7970?


Then get a 670 or 680 for CUDA! I love my 4GB 680 for Photoshop; rendering is crazy fast. The 670 is much more appropriately priced, however.

Maybe this is a stupid question but adobe will run on th 7000 series only slower right?

I read online the Adobe products take advantage of CUDA but I think if its a 7950 it'll run but it wont take advantage of the GPU

Adobe products are optimized for GPU compute using CUDA architecture, which only Nvidia has. The GTX 670 is the best option, if you can afford it.