Graphics card help

Hello all.. as the holidays grow closer I look at all the nice graphics cards out there and wonder which one should I upgrade two.. Right now I am running a Gigabyte 6850 and though it runs well and keeps the games I play at around 60 fps (tor,wow,killing floor, total war,fallout,skyrim,ect) I feel the it is time to upgrade. I am trying to stay below 250, I have really been thinking about a 660, 7870, or a 570 for my next card. what do you all think?

If your motherboard is capable of doing crossfire you can get another 6850. It's cheap and you get a significant boost. Here an article with benchmarks:,13.html

Yeah, I would either go with crossfire or a 7870.

If you didn't already have the 6850, I'd say the 7870. But since you do, try Crossfiring it. But then again, the 7870 will be faster, more power efficient and less of a headache.

if you are satisfied with the details and the fps you get in all the games, then I suggest you just wait till the next generation of cards.. not really any reason to upgrade while you have a card that you are satisfied with.. :)

I know the feeling though, upgraded from a good 580 a few months ago. so if you really want to a 7870 would be good, or save up a little more and get a 7950 :)