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Graphics card for XCP-NG implementation

Hi all! We are a small company and we have been provided a Poweredge R710 server with a pci x16 slot available to implement a virtualization solution for 8 workstations. Currently we need to purchase a graphics card that is vgpu compatible to support the desktop environment of the 8 workstations (mainly office applications, internet browsing, video clips viewing, etc., low use of the graphic power available in general)
After searching for available info we decided on an Nvidia Quadro P2000 board but we do not know if it is compatible with the XCP-NG environment and / or it is necessary to activate a license with Nvidia.
Has anyone managed to activate a virtual environment in this combination?
Alternatively, which video card do you recommend to be compatible with vgpu implementation and not exceed 75 watts for virtualizing the working environment (office apps predominantly) of the 8-9 workstations ? Unfortunately, we have not been approved the budget for the purchase of any of the Firepro boards at the moment.
Thanks for the answers.

Should not need any license for the Quadro - i believe it for the Tesla/Grid only. I run a M5000 under XCP-NG in the homelab without any problems. (but this being an older card might not been hit with the licensing)