Graphics card for Photoshop

Hey guys, 

My uncle mainly does photography editing (Photoshop and whatnot) and wanted to upgrade his system (average media center pc). He already decided on getting a Shimian but now he needs a graphics card to push pixels. I was thining of just getting him a GT 620(around $40) that supports dual link DVI becuase he doesn't need a powerhouse.

I was looking at PCpartpicker and saw the ATI FireGL v7300 for 60 bucks. Is it worth getting even though he isn't doing any 3D rendering? I heard they are good with color precision. 




Get the 620 if thats all you can affoard you get to take advantage of the cuda cores in some adobe products aswell as the dual monitor suppourt 

Sorry scratch what I said before that graphics card will not handle that ammound of pixels you really need like a 680+ for that type of monitor


get a lower res monitor 1080p or buy a more expensive gpu because 4k will fry that likke 620 

how about a gts 450


Neither the GT620 or GTS 450 are worth it. If you can get the Firepro for $60, it's a great card. Photoshop is  getting OpenCL support in the next version, by the way.