Graphics Card Dying?

I have been experiencing some issues lately, mainly once I pulled out my old GT 430 from my system. Every since, I've had problems, BSODs and even graphical malfunctions within Linux, forcing me to restart the system. I've updated the graphics drivers thrice in Windows, each time completely removing the previous update, and am currently on 314. As for Linux, I am still on 304 but it has been working perfectly until the moment I took out my old card. The weird thing is that games work a good bit smoother now and have much less micro-stuttering in a few that used to do such but now when I run them for too long, sometimes in as short a time as 5 min., but sometimes in excess of 45 min., I get a BSOD error. My RAM is running at the recommended voltage and speeds and whatnot, and my cpu was undervolted, but I even brought it back up to see if that was the issue, but it's not.

I fear that this graphics card is dying, but it's been such a great card to me!! Is this really a sign of my card reaching its end of life? What else could it be?


My system:

ASRock Z77 Extreme4

G.Skill Ripjaws X 2133

Intel Core i5 3570k



the moment you said linux i kind of just backed into the shadows.

Linux, that is your problem.

No, it isn't. Linux is much better at dealing with hardware changes than with Windows. At least Linux won't devalidate your license if you swap hardware out too much.

You should get Linux - install it on a flashdrive and boot without having to mess with your Windows installation. Linux is the future of gaming, and the future of computing. LINUX.


I just LOL'd.....


Linux hardly has any support, Steam is being worked on, but still has no where near the game library that windows does...

Just install windows you daft bat.

Having Linux installed is crashing Windows? No. I've been dual-booting Linux and Windows for years on several different computers, one never affected the other, except they like to change the system clock on each other, but that's a minor point.

It sounds like some sort of hardware problem. How old is the card, and is it (by chance) still under warranty?

He was talking about hardware support, which Linux is actually much better at than Windows. Also, stability, same story. Out of the box, for 9 computers out of 10, Linux already has a driver for each piece of hardware right when it's installed, while Windows has next to nothing.

Also, OP said he has Windows, and implied that Windows handled it even worse than Linux (believable).

Just so all of you know, I've had the same Linux install on for at least three years now, of course I've updated it and whatnot and it hasn't been perfect, but I've never had to reinstall it. Windows on the other hand, I get so many issues, viruses, stupid crap not worth my time, that I've reinstalled it a dozen times. Linux is not the issue, in fact the problem that I get in linux with this whole mess is that the screen gets a bit wonky, but the system never fails. Windows goes straight into the stop error, crashing the entire system.

To all the trolls saying linux is my problem, or that it has barely any support, that has nothing to do with the topic. I don't care what your opinion is on linux, windows, or any other operating system and how it works. Reread my initial point and help me out, or GTFO.

I have a better idea, troubleshoot your own mess, and learn to use a PC, that attitude will get you very far in life.

The card is about 7 months old, and I'm pretty sure it's under warranty, but I don't want to go through the process of RMA if I don't need to, or have it sent right back after paying for shipping and then some because of labor and whatnot when it wasn't the fault of the card.

funboy, upload the files from c:/windows/minidump

i'll take a look at them when I get back from class in an hour and a half.

recon- shut up, if your not going to say something costructive, then don't say anything.

Here is the link for a compressed package of all BSODs I've had the past two days from this whole mess. Thanks!!PIBmiB7B!aCy8FyK23d0-tCclTrAM6TCvWhojSdtfUH6grjg6mqY

hehe, this is interesting... driver verifier is enabled... and it's flagging your nvidia drivers as problematic. first, disable driver verifier by opening command prompt as admin, and run the command- verifier /reset .

then, after the reboot, use driver sweeper to completely remove the nvidia drivers, and then install the latest from the nvidia website. also, daemon tools is known to cause bsod problems, so I would remove that as well.

Daemon most likely is the issue, i use MAGIC disc for mounting any .ISO or other disk images.

Daemon tools is also know to be spyware.

Well I did such and the computer seems fine, I'll stress test and see how things go and of course let you know if it crashes again. Thanks!

As for Daemon tools, it's never been an issue in the years that I've been using it. If the system crashes in windows again I'll see if taking it off helps. 

Again, thanks for the helpful* input from you guys. 

Linux might be the FUTURE of gaming and computing, but today isnt the future, ive tried linux multiple times, an actual installation and one on a VM, I did enjoy it to a certain extent, but I play a lot of games and the lack of support for games is what makes me not want to use linux.....

I've decided to just RMA the card. I sent out a thing to EVGA and was told to just send it in for warranty, I honestly didn't expect to hear something back so quickly, or immediately be told to RMA the card. I can only do so much about a hardware problem. Thanks for the help, though!