Graphics card driver help

So yesterday i tried downloading a new driver that was in beta because it was supposed to be a work around Dark Souls 2 not working. The driver failed downloading and then it seemed my previous driver was also deleted. When I run "dxdiag" it shows that I have no graphics card and when I go to nvidias website to download a driver it fails. I cant play any games right.

Nvidia experience fails installing at HD visual audio I think its called.

plz help!

Have you tried rolling back your driver? (Device Manager>Display Adapters>Double click on your graphics card>Driver Tab>Roll Back Driver)

I dont have the option to rollback. and when I try to update it says standard VGA graphics adapter

what is your gpu, also have you tried getting older driver install files for your card or only the latest. 

Its an nvidia 550 and ive tried installing with the CD it came with along with the newest also and both dont work.

Make sure you completely delete the previous drivers before you install the new ones. Also, look at what driver is on your CD, and download it from Nvidia and install if from there. If that doesnt work try the Nvidia 314 or 320 drivers since they were really stable and good on Fermi. Make sure you clean install your drivers.

Ive gone into safe mode and used ddu and then restarted and tried downloading drivers off of their website and they fail when installing the graphics driver. 

it almost sounds like your system is not detecting the 550 at all. Which leaves you with a couple of options, you could try a system restore and hope that it re-installs the correct drivers and detects to card. Try moving the card to a different slot and see if it detects it, or if all else fails try a clean install of the os. If it comes down to a clean os  I would try it on a different drive first just to see if it works.

Its not detecting it. I cant system restore because im dumb and didnt make any save points so I guess i have no where to go back to. I dont know too much about the inside of a computer but ill try and move the card to a different slot I guess because I dont  have a windows 7 disc laying around atm. 

Question, everyone.  Is it always a good idea to update your graphics card driver when a new release comes along?  I have a EVGA GeForce GTX760 SuperClocked and I just received a notification from the GeForce Experience that a new driver is ready to download. Should I?