Graphics Card Came Loose During Shipping

Hey guys,

First of all, I want to say merry Christmas and happy Festivus!

I built a computer for my nephew a couple months ago, and had sent it via UPS to Florida last week (I had to save up to buy them a monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc). However, they started setting up the computer today, and it seems that during the shipping, the computer's graphics card had come loose, and fell into the computer case (The graphics card could only come loose if the computer was upside down during the shipping).

I was on Skype with my sister for a couple hours today having her plug the graphics card back in, but nothing seems to be working.

There seems to be two issues-

1. She keeps getting a "no signal" message from the monitor. I had them try two different monitors and two different HDMI cables. She also tried using the motherboard's VGA port and the GFX card's DVI port.

2. The graphics card spins for two seconds and then stops, then spins for two seconds and stops.

I also noticed that the keyboard lights don't light up (USB Keyboard).

Does anybody know what the issue could be? Or know of a solution?

Thanks in advance for your help. If I was there I could physically troubleshoot it (I live in Vermont), but otherwise I might have her take it into a local repair shop.

If the component was lose on arrival then it has highly likely either killed itself or the board (or both) 

This is odd though, a guy shouldn't come lose during shipping. 

  • Locking PCI-e 
  • The pci bracket screws should of held it in
  • Was there no packing within the machine case? 

If the later is true and you have a tower heating, it is likely it will have also flexed and broken the board. 

Shipping entire systems is tedious due to the amount of packing required to fill the inside of the system. 

Anyway, if the board has its own video outputs remove the gpu and try those. That should tell you if something is wrong with the gpu. 

I think it's the motherboard or the ram. I asked her if she was hearing any beeps and she heard 2 short beeps. Which means parity circuit failure. I had insurance on the computer and warranties so maybe i can get new pieces

Exactly what I thought .

It probably bent the mobo during shipping breaking some things and maybe damaging the PCB of the board ( and thus the circuits under ) , and that's the problem .