Graphics Card Audio Issue

The problem started when I swapped my NVIDIA Quadro 1400 (old I know) for a GTX 760, same as the one from the video posted on the site. Ever since then the audio has been running through the graphics card and not the motherboard outputs, neither front nor back. I used to have RealTek Audio Drivers, but they seemed to have uninstalled themselves in favor of the default SoundMax driver, which are completely unresponsive and don't want to go back to RealTek. If I've tried going into the Nvidia control panel to alter the audio, but there isn't an option, and everything appears up to date. For the moment my computer won't recognize any audio hardware, as in the only way to have headphones is to run them through the TV, and I have to use my H4n as an audio interface to run my mic through, this makes my headset useless as I've lost convenience when I just want to casual game. I intend to take the graphics card out and place it in my new pc, but I'm waiting for the power supply and I'm not sure if this will transfer over to the new PC cause I intend to use the same hard drive. If there is any work around, I would be happy to try.

Check your bios settings, make sure your onboard audio is set to on.

Thank You! I thought I had done everything possible, even attempting to hack the card itself. My PC now detects my speakers and headsets, instead of just routing it through the graphics card. While I'm wondering what altered the option, I am not too concerned, so again, thank you.

No sweat.  It's a weird little quirk that sometimes pops up with hdmi audio.