Graphics Card Adivse

hi guys i am new here and well soon me and my friend are going to build a gaming rig for about £1000 and i have nearly everything picked out i was look at the asus geforce 660ti graphics card and since i no alot about nvidia and i was wondering for the same price what amd cards are there so i can compare.


Thank You all for your time and help


HD 7950. Don't get him a GTX 660 TI .

I am in the UK and I use this website, with which, the 7950 is £12 cheaper than an EVGA GTX 660 TI but also beats it. Yes, some 660 TI's are cheaper than it but the best brand is a SC EVGA for Nvidia cards.

Here are the benchmarks:

10 FPS difference most of the time, sometimes more, sometimes less.

or, an HD 7870, they are similar good. The 7870 but has a 256 bit frame buffer.

7870 (XT) or if he can afford it a 7950/7970.

which is good...

thanks for the help guys