Graphic designer

Hello teksyndicate users, my name is Matt and I am a graphic designer, and currently studying a level 3 college course on it.

and i am here to offer my services too you, I can do anything at request, even video editting if wanted, and although i am offering this as a free service, I would be extremely greatfull if you do chose to use me if you could make a small donation, since this is my only source of income right now.

Thanks alot in advance, Matt.

Contact me at: 

[email protected]

skype: mattwillis5


If I had a way to pay you, then I would make a donation. Sadly, I am thirteen, and do not own a credit card. Keep up the interest in art!

Thats quite alright, thank you for the support and iam always here to do it for free even if you do need it :)

You do desktop wallpapers for free? would love a new one with exciteau on it.

yeah i can do :) if theres any spesifics you would like let me know, colour schemes, themes ect