Graphic design

hey just wondering what are the best programs for graphic design / animation



For graphic design Photoshop and Illustrator. Animation there really isnt a best so you should be more specific about what you are interested in and someone will be able to help.

just the best ones for game design i guess

its just i might be going to collage at the end of next year and doing graphic design for 2 years then maby animation or something along those lines

Well there are a ton of programs out there, but usually it comes down to Photoshop/Illustrator (commercial) or Gimp/Inkscape(free & opensource).

As for animation, well... depends on the animation you want to do. :P

There are so many different programs and flavour of programs to chose from. Do you want free? Go Blender. Want universal standard? 3DS Max/Maya $3000 each. Want something else? Well there are a good 10+ more professional pieces of software to chose from.

Honestly Game Design is a very broad subject. So broad that very few people have the capability to learn just the basics to build a basic game. If you know what you are doing, Download a range of software trials, Play around with them for a month and chose which one suites you best. I personaly use 3DS Max as its the only modeling/animation software excluding Maya that is supported by the Cryengine.

Maya is a good way to go for keyframe animation. It is widely used and has a ton of rigs to animate with. As a college student you should get free student licences as well. 

thanks every one this has narrowed my choices down quite a bit =D

Hi vennthrax. Firstly you need to make clear to your self what exactly you want to do and you have to be more specific and the first question is 2d or 3d. If you want to follow the path of the 2d artist then adobe photoshop/illustrator/flash are the best way to go. If you are a student you get a discount on subscription for adobe creative cloud package which contains all this software. Else if you plain to follow 3d modeling path. Autodesk Maya/3dsmax/Mudbox is the best way to go and the best part of this is that they offer all this expensive software for free to all students.

This is all the information you need and thank you very much for reading this... (seriously read it)


If do follow the 3D path I suggest purchasing the Student Entertainment Creation Suite.
I think it's like $300 or something, I can't remember.

Anyway, it's a perpetual licence of Maya, 3DS, Mudbox, Sketchbook Designer, MotionBuilder, Softimage meaning you can even use it after you finish your studies and also get a cheaper upgrade plan to a commercial version later on.

I bought it a month before I graduated and used the free student licence while studying.

You only get 3 years of the free student licence; thus why I bought it.

Same with Adobe.
I think CS6 cost me $600 or so, anyway, I can use it forever and also use it commercially even after graduating. 

when I was about 12 I liked to use macromedia/adobe flash, some of my animations were pretty heinous, but it does have a lot of great features, and you can even learn some actionscript to make basic (or even complex) games.