Graphic Card ideas! Please

This is for my first pc for gaming. im not going to do hardcore gaming just indis and stuff like terraria. Price range $100-$170

EVGA GTX 650 Ti BOOST 1GB for $130:

ASUS GTX 650 Ti BOOST 2GB for $170:

HIS Radeon 7850 2GB for $170:

650ti boost

found this ECS makes motherboards have not heard of there graphics cards but its a reference design so I think its fine.  the 650ti boost 2gb I think is what you should be looking at around $150 otherwise the R9 270 for $200 is good too.

sweet thank you

defiantly get the 7850: It's a much better card than the boost but since it's being discontinued now or soon it may be hard to find

If you can get the R9 270, i'd go for that one, it's newer and it's a more refined version of GCN.

7850 they are great cards and are good vale for money

I picked up a gtx770 for just over $300 and it plays all the games I've thrown at it at highest settings without issue. I'm really happy with its performance. 

okay... thanks for that?

Oops, didn't notice the price restrained, never mind my suggestion, carry on.