Graduation X99 Build

This system has to last years, not 6 months. I understand what you are trying to do, and I appreciate it, I just don't think it works for my particular use case.

Unless there is some legitimate reason you have to use amazon (gift cards etc), I would not use amazon only.

A lot of what I have in my build will already have free shipping and you would be saving a considerable amount of money.

Yeah its a PITA to order from multiple people, but so what. Some of the parts I have listed are not even on amazon.

So if you want the best possible build within your budget, thennnnnn the best advice I can give you is to put in the extra effort.

Because of the way I am paying for this, it does indeed have to come from amazon. I know its limiting, but its that or nothing at all.

the thing is hardware is always going to be getting outdated, a high end display really doesn't get outdated for at least a few more years comparatively, overall giving you something that's more "future proof", like look at the 780ti, mid range GPUs now out perform it, and it's only been about 2 years since it's release, while we've had say 1080p displays for 4 years, so overall it's better to invest in a higher end display rather than a higher end GPU, especially with new stuff about to come out.

There is some truth in what you say, but here is the deal.

AMD is still shit. Plain and simple. This is not me being a fan boy either. I have had a 6950, a 7970, and an AMD 290x.

I am sorry to say that in every case I have had constant driver bugs.

It got to the point where I just did not even bother to buy games on launch date. I had to sit on my ass and wait for amd to release a bug fix before I even thought about buying the game.

Yes, you might be paying a premium for an NVIDIA card, and you might not be able to get a super fancy screen, but you know what?

I bet you it will fucking work the first time.

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Wellllllllll shit.

Is there ANY way you can at least get the ram from newegg?

Its only available there.

I don't think I've had an issue in 4 years with my AMD stuff though, and their cards aside from the 950 and 980ti give you more performance compared to the nvidia cards at the same price point.


I mean you have to be purchasing games the day they come out to notice the problems.

Microcomputer even on non crossfire setups have been an issue. Huge frame drops, random graphics glitches, all sorts of random shit.

I will say that they generally fix these types of bugs within weeks of game release, but comeeeeeeee on. There HAS to be a beta for these games that AMD can get their hands on to make game ready drivers.

Ya, no clue there, last game I bought day one was MGSV and that worked flawlessly. I think it's mostly an issue when nvidia gets involved in development, seemed to happen that way in The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 at least.

You've put together a solid build here. There's not much I can say to make it better or more cost effective, but since you asked for advice.. I love the idea of liquid cooling the CPU.. my 5820k is cooled by an h110i, but that was a gift. Now I can tell you from experience that the default mode on the corsair coolers is WAY too loud! I had to adjust mine ASAP. The cooling is not bad, but the Dark Rock 3 can be had for a bit less and should still blend nicely with your Red theme. I am confident that the performance will be equal to the h100i (once adjusted for sound). If you choose the h100i though, man that thing is sexy in ANY build! Have fun shopping :D

I am an AMD guy and a trucker so I wouldn't know what to do with $2500 that got past my wife.
Monitors Last forever........So I am partial to name brands that have been around for a lil while.

Congrats on the build and study really hard in collage...........don't date any psychology majors, you can never tell if your being listened too or diagnosed.

Those are words to live by.

Psyc-anything people are just plain idiots. Anyone who thinks they can read a few books and then pigeon hole people is just plain stupid.

And lets face it. Psych students are usually there because they dropped out of a harder major to begin with.

I agree with this.
If you use adobe premiere or blender, and you want to utilize your gpu for render.
Then a Nvidia card is the better choice due support for cuda.

At this point I might never buy from AMD or Gigabyte again. My last 2 cards, a Gigabyte 270x and Gigabyte 280x have been the worst pieces of garbage I have ever encountered. The 270x had corrupt VRAM, and crashed if I went over about 80% VRAM usage. I replaced it with a 280x, which ran super hot, loud, and had a fan go out in the first week. Gigabyte and Newegg refused to RMA it, so I had to underclock the card for it to run at acceptable temps. I won't even get into the absolute garbage that were the drivers.

Yeah seems like you had some bad luck then.
IĀ“m personaly not realy a fan of Gigabyte AMD cards in general.
Wenn it comes to AMD cards, i mostly recommend Sapphire cards.
But in your case, i would say go with a GTX980Ti if you want to use for rendering aswell.

It will either be the Strix 980Ti or the 6G from MSI. I saw the Vapor and Tri-X reviews, and it honestly seems like Sapphire is the only company that makes quality AMD cards. Even then, I don't feel like dropping all this money on a PC and worrying about drivers as much as I have.

You are building a black / red theme build right?
The Msi GTX980Ti Gaming 6G and the Asus GTX980Ti Strix are both good basicly.
The Strix comes higher clocked out of the box.

I will most likely go with the Strix, I watched Wendells video and it looks to be really high quality. Would be a heartbreaker to get a DOA card on graduation.

But you do need to look closely wenn you buy the strix.
There are 2 variants of the card.