Grado with detachable cable

Hey Guys, 

I'm looking for new headphones, and the reviews on the net have been amazing.

But I have a big problem... I always break the cable of my headphones no matter what I do, so could you basically recommend headphones around the same price point as the grade sr80e ,with detachable cable.

What I basically am looking for in my headphones is that the sound is as accurate as possible, as I am primarily going to be using them with my piano.

I am not on a fixed budget but would like to spend around 150 dollars.

Thanks in advance.

If you are good at soldering, you could make a detachable cable.

That said, Grado is not the way to go if you want an accurate sound. They are aggressive and tuned specifically to make rock and roll sound good. Pianos.... not so much. If you want accurate within that price, I would suggest you look at the headphones in the link below. They are basically a rebranded (and significantly cheaper) HM5. They also have a detachable cable, so that is a win. You might want open cans for classical though (that is the standard school of though), but for only piano, you should be fine. The soundstage that accompanies open headphones is really necessary for orchestral things, but with a single instrument, I wouldn't sweat it. I also prefer closed anyway because of leakage (I've never lived anywhere where it was actually quiet on a regular basis). Grados have a tendency to act like speakers strapped to your head. You can hear anything happening around you, and everyone can hear exactly what you are listening to (I like my privacy as well).

And a review of the HM5 (which sound the same as the ones linked above):

Thanks I will look into them!