Grab a 7950 Now? Plus a Keyboard Question

Since my birthday is tomorrow, I'm going to hit a decent flow of cash, I currently have enough to get a 7950 for $220(without rebate) and will hopefully have enough for a keyboard as well.

So my question is, is it worth grabbing it? I know new AMD cards are rumored to come out in month, but I've been waiting for a decent GPU since December(I'm using my brother's spare gt 530)  and honestly, I'm sick of waiting. Should I wait another month, or grab one in the next few days? Will I really get that much more performance for the price if I wait?

EDIT:I'm going to be gaming in 1080p, and may choose to do youtube in the future.

Also, I'm going to grab my first mechanical keyboard, and I want to know what switch would be best for me. I've been using membrane my entire life, and I want something that feels smoother and more responsive, also I would prefer having the keys being a bit more quite, because I'm a pretty loud typer. I want to keep things in the $70 range.

I bought my 7950 in April for 300$ and it has served me Very well and think i may get another at 200$ ish . Waiting for the next driver update as I am running Eyefinity and they have not fixed it YET.(fingers crossed)

the new gpus will probably be more expensive then their 7000 series counterparts  (as this is probably the first time in history prices went down *around* when the new stuff comes out), so that is probably a pretty good idea to buy a 7950 now, seeing what you're coming from i doubt you'll be disapointed

as for a keyboard, if you're looking for "smoother" i think you'd probably like linniar switches (straight down, no bump, no feel, no click) you have a choice between blacks (quite stiff) and reds (very light), as for quieter... HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHA... wait you're serrious? no. not happening.

They should still offer better performance/price if moores law holds true. I can't imagine them being too high priced especially in america...

Get the 7950. At 220 dollars, down from 300, its a steal. 

Just ordered my 7950 from sapphire, the cheapest cooler master keyboard that had black switches, and some corsair fans.

I can't wait until they get here.