GPU Water Blocks

Hey guys,

Going to be blunt, I need a water block for my 7870 - It's by PowerColor (looks like this:

My only concern, and reason to buy one, is the noise level. The noise on this thing is just ridiculous. If anyone can recommend me a decent waterblock, that doesn't break the wallet, it would be greatly appreciated.

Now for the specifics; I'm looking for something decently priced that I can overclock well on (If I can't overclock too well with something cheap, just give me something expensive), but still not have to hold my ears - I use headphones, but it still bothers others. Something that will keep the GPU cool and have low noise levels, basically. Also, let me know if the water block is future proof (maybe I want to get a 680, 7970, or even wait for the next generation - that last one may not be possible, though).


It is not future proof, as most blocks aren't. You will likely have to buy a new one when you switch cards, but that is part of the water cooling thing. Also, do note, you'll need a pump and a radiator and a reserviour and some tubing and fans and coolant. Expect the cooling system to power this to cost you about $380. Which seems a bit excessive when the card cost only around $230.

That would cover the radiator and the reserviour, and if you check the box at the bottom to add the swiftech pump, it will cover that as well. So all you would need is the tubing, barbs or compression fittings, and coolant. And if you buy the block from that site as well, you'll save a bit of money. But with a radiator that size, if you wanted to, you could certainly add a CPU block to the loop. Just make sure that you add some more tubing and fittings and preferably a matching cooler to the GPU block. It'll cost you around $380 that way for a whole loop with the CPU and a single GPU. I would expect it to be capable of keeping up to one other Radeon HD 7870 cool to around 65-75 degrees under load. Which is acceptable by my accounts. And if you have a case with enough room in it for all of that, you could probably get some decent static pressure fans and run the whole thing in push/pull and drop the temps down some more. Just make sure in that case that the fans themselves are rated at a max of less than 20 dB.

Hmm, if it's going to cost that much (I had absolutely no idea), then what would be a good GPU shroud? Something that's, again, not too expensive, but good enough for overclocking - at least better than my reference design fan.

Then add whatever fans you like of the 140mm variety.

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Alternately this:

Thanks for your replies, I found it very helpful. I espescially liked the very last one you sent me - The Arctic Accelero... It is most likely the one I am going to buy. One last request, what is the easiest way to install this? I've looked around, but I really want to find the fastest, and most efficient solution.


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